You Are The Social Media You’re Using [COMIC]

Since each social network is unique in its design and its features, each tends to attract a certain type of user. Taking this idea a step further, you are the social media you’re using. It’s sort of like food: you eventually become what you put in your mouth and swallow. So whether you like to stalk people on Facebook, follow intellectual discussions on Twitter feeds like IloveBieberCause and myLovelyKitty, use Foursqaure as a diversion tactic, butcher scenery with Instagram, or just reminisce about the good old days on Myspace, there is a social network that is right for you!

you are your social media

facebook - the stalker

twitter - the intellectual

pinterest - the wannabemy space - the nostalgic

match - the sex maniac

So what’s your social network of choice?
Source: The Maple Kind

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