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  • Ericsurf6 says:

    Wonderful read! Thanks Daniel.

  • TTScents by Gold Canyon says:

    Very interesting article on social media usage!

  • Anneliz Hannan says:

    Excellent rationale, I feel like I just went to my financial manager.

  • Melanie Hetfield says:

    Very good reading!

  • The Commander-In-Chief says:

    Very interesting reading!

  • Dave Keys says:

    And yet your comment platform is run by Facebook. Well, It’s become apparent that Google Plus has a growing monopoly on real interaction while Facebook drives traffic with “click like and see what happens” and other scams. If you removed the fluff factor, I think you’d find that Google Plus has actually done more than simply rise to the #2 social network, passing Twitter and YT. http://www.zdnet.com/google-moves-up-to-second-place-in-social-networks-7000010372/

  • Judy Schmidt says:

    Daniel… important historical data. I’m going to heed your warning… thank you!

  • Judy Schmidt says:

    Good reminder – You’ve convinced me to diversify! – Thank you.

  • Judy Schmidt says:

    I’m convinced… thank you!

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