Who is in your tribe?

Integrity Just BecauseHow important is it to you to have high scores on every single platform? 

What are you doing to achieve those numbers?  

Whether we like it or not, most companies and people look at these numbers. How do you get those numbers authentically, and with integrity?


The biggest way to get authentic traffic and comments is through your tribe.  The tribe you have created through real life connections, social media groups, and networking. Take your time when building your tribe. If you’re just going for numbers, you’re making a huge mistake. It’s imperative that you do your due diligence to find more about these people and what they are posting. Get to know the people in your tribe.

Building a tribe that embodies quality and integrity is a process. In the end though, the benefits enjoyed will make it well worth the extra effort.

Quality social media is:

  • A daily commitment to engaging with customers and friends
  • Posting quality questions that stimulate engaging responses from others
  • Posting content that is shareable to a wide range of people
  • Posting content that shows your passions
  • Posting content that shows your personality
  • Posting content that is visually appealing
  • Posting content that awakens emotions of  laughter, smiles, reminders
  • Posting content that solves problems
  • Posting resources
  • Thank those who share and comment on your posts (very important)
  • Mix up the content you are posting: articles, pic quote, word quote, video, etc…
  • Make sure your profiles have your key contact information (anything less is unacceptable)
  • Be consistent across all platforms with your information, bios, etc…
  • Google yourself regularly
  • Make sure to check all of your settings and connections across all platforms on a regular basis

Be yourself and realize whatever you post is there for life. Somewhere in the depths of cyberspace lies all your content, for better or worse. Take a moment and survey your piece. Is this something you want the world to see? Make sure it is before hitting the button.

Keep your walls free of rants and drama.  No Drama Zone

You can spend all day on Social Media. At the end of the day, “What is your ROI?” Being busy doesn’t mean anything if you are not getting any business from your activities. What you post will either attract or repel customers and friends.

We must also learn the art of teamwork and delegation. Most importantly, we must be able to say “No”.

Why is it that we feel guilty in saying “No” to friends and customers? Be honest and transparent when answering with a no. “I’m overbooked.” “I don’t have the expertise.” This is a great time to refer your customer to a trusted source that can satisfy the request. When we give quality referrals our customers are appreciative. This will likely drive more business back to you in the future from those customers.

Teamwork is essential for tribe building and effective social media engagement. Collaborating with others on projects widens your collective reach and everybody wins.

The bottom line is to have fun, be social, and be yourself. Delivering quality content and being consistent will lead to a successful tribe.

How have you built your tribe?


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