Tumblr Completely Revamps Search Function to Improve Discovery

Tumblr announced they have completely redone their search function to make it easier to find the content and blogs you care about most. tumblrPreviously you had to scroll down the sidebar to look at a list of tags (or topics) you were tracking. Now they’ve injected some new intelligence into their search engine that lets you quickly access your tags when you click the search bar. And Tumblr also gives you some blog suggestions on tag pages placing added focus on blogs you might be interested in but may have never seen before in a given topic.

So lets say your on the main dashboard and you search for posts tagged with #museum, now when you’re on the museum page like the example below and then click the search bar again, you’ll see additional relevant tags like #new museum here, along with other museum related blogs.


Are you on Tumblr? Do you like the new tag organization and blog search?

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