30 Photographs of Incredible Skies: Dreamy Captures that will Leave You Breathless

The sky is the focus and backdrop of an incredible amount of photography. Both day and night skies provide us with surreal visuals that simply take our breath away. The colorful magic during the transition from the day to night sky blanketed with stars can be a photographer’s paradise.

Aaron J Groen was born and bred in beautiful Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The Mount Rushmore State was the location for many of these heavenly shots. Aaron seems to know every crevice of his home state that helps facilitate many of these powerful photos. Aaron is a big fan of astrophotography as many of these captures prove. He also loves nature and wildlife photography. More of Aaron’s incredible work can be found at his site HomeGroen Photography.

in a past life

take shelter

what once was

Lake Alvin, SD

Redneck Planetarium

Pike Haven

Milky Way Badlands 3

country sunrise

milky bales

after the harvest

dakota night

shark fin

Farming the Rift

The Eminija Mounds

dakota sunset

Road to Nowhere - air glow

Barn VII

A Dark Place

The One

road to nowhere - Aurora Borealis

night train

this old truck

split rock creek

shadow man

road to nowhere - Epic Light

Split Rock Dreamscape

sioux falls sunset

road to nowhere

Road to Nowhere - Supermoon

Featured Image: Dakota Territory Milky Way Aaron J. Groen

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