X Why women like cats more than men

15 Reasons Why Women Like Cats More Than Men [INFOGRAPHIC]

15 Reasons Why Women Like Cats More Than Men [INFOGRAPHIC]Everyone loves cats on the internet. There are 32 million cat videos on YouTube! Some people have suggested that cats remind people of babies and because of this, maybe we’re biologically programmed to care so much about them.

But it turns out, cats are becoming an increasingly popular alternative for women than committing to an actual relationship. See Mr. Muggles rarely misses the litter box and he never leaves the toilet seat up. Women also appreciate that he cleans himself daily and doesn’t leave any whiskers in the sink. Mr. Muggles doesn’t pretend he can fix household appliances either. And when a man comes home, he likes to have a freshly cooked meal waiting for him, whereas Mr. Muggles enjoys leftovers for dinner. Unfortunately, it looks like we’re no competition gentleman…

Some of the most popular cat celebrities on YouTube include:

Maru the box-loving-cat: 201 million views
Nyan cat: 94 million views
Keyboard cat: 50 million views
Nora the Piano cat: 35 million views
Tard the Grumpy cat: 15 million views
Oskar the blind kitten: 9 million views

But fellas, if your lady prefers the cat over you, that might be a good sign to look for the nearest exit anyways. If your girlfriend confines in the cat for advice, throws birthday parties for the cat, or has a Facebook or Instagram page dedicated just to Mr. Muggles, you could be dating a crazy cat lady. See Toxoplasma gondii is a parasite that can be spread through contact with cat feces, and has been linked to mental illness. Cats might actually make you crazy and the internet sure is already crazy about them!

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