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5 Keys to Building a Solid Brand Reputation Online

1. Your Brand’s Voice First

Don’t jump out of the gate pushing your products and services on every social media channel known to man. Most companies are used to push, push, and more push. Social media doesn’t run that way. Successful brands use finesse on Social Media and not in your face aggressive methods.

Target ran a “Give with Target” Facebook campaign recently that allowed users to vote for local schools to receive gift cards. The campaign leaves a good taste in everyone’s mouth that participated. It was about giving, not taking or selling. These positive type of campaigns build brand loyalty that keep customers coming back.

2. Keep it Positive

Every move you make is on a stage for all to see. Keep it professional and positive across all networks. Situations handled negatively and without care can quickly turn into a crisis nightmare for brands.

Back in August of 2012, Progressive Insurance had a complete social media fail. A woman’s family sought policy collection after her death in a car accident. Progressive sided with the accused killer in the accident. The deceased woman’s brother wrote a post blasting Progressive. It went viral. Progressive engaged with the brother with automated tweets meeting “contractual obligations”. Shortly thereafter thousands claimed to drop or never do business with Progressive.

3. Let your Audience know about the Good Stuff

This is a great tip for all companies and individuals. Don’t let those positive customer reviews and mentions fall into the Tweet pile. Keep your positive feedback, reviews, and mentions. You should screenshot all of them and keep them in a file.

Use them on your site, for campaigns, and advertising. Celebrate the positive and let your audience know. As shown in the infographic, 92% of consumers trust opinions posted online by other consumers. These opinions are invaluable to your brand.

4. Your Reputation across Social Media will Affect Search Results

Let’s go back to the Progress Insurance story. A quick search of “Progressive Insurance” shows the story on the first page of Google. There are two highly negative articles regarding the incident shown on the first page and onne can only imagine how many millions this has cost Progressive Insurance.

If your brand makes a mistake of this magnitude you will pay a big price! When something goes viral it will likely show up on the first page in search for long time to come.

5. Don’t ignore Anyone

Before the advent of social media you could get away with treating your customers poorly. While still not good business sense, there was no outlet for a customer to make noise when treated unfairly. Oh sure, maybe something local, but nothing like there is today. We’ve seen in this article how powerful an individual can be online today.

This should keep companies honest. You need to treat “all” customers with a high level of respect and professionalism. Not only will you be building a strong online brand with this practice, but you’re more likely to avoid the kind ofdevastation we’ve seen too many times with companies online.

Build a strong and loyal online community around your brand, and always be prepared for any situation.

Source: MDG
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