REPORT: Google+ Overtakes Twitter as 2nd Most Popular Social Network in US

burst media reportWhile Facebook continues to lead all social networks by a wide margin, Google+ has overtaken Twitter as the 2nd most popular social network in the US, according to a March 2013 Survey by Burst Media of over 2,500 adult US internet users. Despite a lot of early criticism about Google+ being a ghost town, the site has the second-highest number of account holders for both men and women, leading Twitter by about 10 percentage points in each gender. Close to one-quarter of men and women were on Google+, while nearly 50% of each are on Facebook. Pinterest still has the largest gender disparity with 22% of women in the US on the site, yet only 5% of males. Twitter has a slightly larger penetration than LinkedIn at just over 15%. About 6% of both men and women are on Instagram, also slightly in favor of women.

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Mobile social network use is also heating up this summer, while desktop and laptops still remain the number one way people access these sites (over 60%). But near 50% of both men and women log into social media using their smartphones, and another 32% of men and 21% of women accessed via a tablet.

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Do you prefer to use a regular computer or a mobile device to check out social media?

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