DashBurst http://dashburst.com The latest in social media, technology and design Wed, 16 Apr 2014 18:00:56 +0000 en-US hourly 1 http://wordpress.org/?v=3.8.3 Extreme Advertising: Watch These Cat Operators Play the World’s Largest Game of Jenga [VIDEO] http://dashburst.com/video/largest-jenga-game-cat/ http://dashburst.com/video/largest-jenga-game-cat/#comments Wed, 16 Apr 2014 18:00:56 +0000 http://dashburst.com/?post_type=cpt_videos&p=68356 If you thought the games of Jenga you played in college were epic, wait till you see the game these Caterpillar operators played. Using five Cat machines, these operators remove and reposition 27 600-pound (that’s 8.1 tons!) wood blocks arranged in a stack: a version of Jenga fit for giants.

Each drop of a block will make you squirm as you anxiously wait for the stack to collapse.

This ad was made as part of Cat’s Built For It campaign, demonstrating that no matter what the job is, Cat machines can help get it done. How’s that for extreme advertising?

screencap from the world's biggest jenga game played with cat equipment

Watch the making of “Stack” here.

via Reddit

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That’s All, Folks: Google Glass Sells Out within Hours of One-Day Sale http://dashburst.com/google-glass-sale-sells-out/ http://dashburst.com/google-glass-sale-sells-out/#comments Wed, 16 Apr 2014 17:01:55 +0000 http://dashburst.com/?p=68364 When Google offered a one-day sale to Google Glass admirers, we knew their drive to get their hands on one would be fierce. So fierce, in fact, that the one-day promotion on lasted only a short while.

Within mere hours the white “Cotton” model of the Glass sold out and by Wednesday the entire inventory was gone.

The Glass was available in a total of five colors during the sale. At 3:30 p.m. Google Glass told the public that the Cotton Google Glass was sold out. Once everything was bought up, Google updated the Google Glass homepage notifying everyone that there were no available Explorer Program spots left, although more spots may open soon.

People can still sign up to receive the latest news and try to reserve a spot in the program. But for now, Google is back to offering spots by invite only.

Beyond promotional sales, Google plans to launch several updates to the gadget including improved battery life, new photo-sharing features, tools for developers and the removal of video calls. Google Glass’s one-day sellout shows promise for the potential success of the product and allows Google to confidently continue paving its path into wearable tech.

via USA Today

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Domino’s New Specialty Chicken: Is It Pizza or Something Else Entirely? http://dashburst.com/dominos-specialty-chicken-crust-pizza/ http://dashburst.com/dominos-specialty-chicken-crust-pizza/#comments Wed, 16 Apr 2014 16:00:34 +0000 http://dashburst.com/?p=68362 If you love pizza, this news could either make or break your day. Domino’s has launched its first new menu item since Handmade Pan Pizza in September 2012: Specialty Chicken. You might love it, or you might find it an abomination to the name of pizza everywhere.

Domino’s new Specialty Chicken is just like pizza: it comes with sauce and vegetable and meat toppings. Only instead of using traditional bread crust as its foundation, Special Chicken uses – you guessed it – 12 bites of Domino’s breaded chicken breast as crust. Specialty Chicken comes in four flavors, Crispy Bacon & Tomato, Spicy Jalapeno-Pineapple, Classic Hot Buffalo and Sweet BBQ Bacon, and is available as part of Domino’s $5.99 mix and match deal.

The item is part of Domino’s new initiative to further boost its chicken sales among other offerings from the fast food industry. “Our pizza chefs have taken chicken to a whole new level, using our unique ingredients to create these four bold flavors,” said Russell Weiner, Domino’s Pizza chief marketing officer. “There’s nothing quite like Domino’s Specialty Chicken on the market today.” The change has been long coming: Domino’s removed the word “pizza” from its logo in 2012 and currently sells more chicken than any other non-pizza item on its menu, according to Eater.

I agree: not even McDonalds or Chik-fil-A drizzles cheese and marinara sauce on top of their chicken nuggets. But the spicy jalapeño pineapple edition sounds right up my ally. I’d say the offering would appeal to Atkins dieters and gluten-free eaters, too, if Dominos didn’t bread its chicken. Alas, this is pizza, and apparently bread can’t be fully taken out of the equation.

A national TV campaign promoting Special Chicken will begin on April 21. The ads will focus on the ballsy moves of Domino’s chefs, who apparently brought us the failed cookie pizza shortly before designing Domino’s next supposed hit, Specialty Chicken:

Will you order Domino’s Specialty Pizza any time soon? Which flavor?

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This Inebriated Man Shows How Futile Our Everyday Struggles Are [VIDEO] http://dashburst.com/video/drunk-man-fence-kid/ http://dashburst.com/video/drunk-man-fence-kid/#comments Wed, 16 Apr 2014 15:06:37 +0000 http://dashburst.com/?post_type=cpt_videos&p=68237 “If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again,” they say. But sometimes, try as you might, you just can’t reckon a way to get your sore body onto the other side of that impossibly tall fence.

That is, until a kid half the age of Justin Bieber blows your self-worth to pieces by casually strutting through an obvious gap in the fence.

screencap of the futility of existence video

via Reddit

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More Americans Now Own Exotic Pets Than You Think http://dashburst.com/exotic-pet-ownership-controversy/ http://dashburst.com/exotic-pet-ownership-controversy/#comments Wed, 16 Apr 2014 14:17:33 +0000 http://dashburst.com/?p=68275 People wouldn’t think twice about seeing dogs in yards or cats peering out windows. But what if it was a bear sitting in a fenced-in backyard or a monkey looking out the window? Odds are people would do a double take. Yet, as adopting exotic pets becomes more and more trendy, your chances of seeing strange animal companions are rising.

National Geographic recently covered the phenomenon in “Wild Obsession,” an article by Lauren Slater which discusses the growing popularity of exotic pet ownership, the upsides and attendant controversy.

According to the magazine, there are more exotic animals living in American homes today than in American zoos and circuses combined. About 66% of exotic pets live in private homes, compared to 26% in zoos and 6% in circuses. While reliable numbers are hard to come by, according to a NBC report, between 2003 and 2006, over 650 million critters were legally imported into the U.S. By one estimate, between 5000-7000 tigers are kept as pets.

Animal welfare advocates and wildlife conservationists alike criticize the exotic pet industry, claiming it is cruel and dangerous. Keeping wild animals in captivity only leads to the animals’ suffering, they say. Plus, private ownership has lead to numerous incidents of injury and death. Few can forget when a “domesticated” chimpanzee named Travis mauled a Connecticut woman; the chimp was shot dead on the scene and the woman required a face transplant. Others will recall when, in 2011, a Zaneville, OH, man opened the cages of his exotic pets; the man then committed suicide while local authorities used assault rifles to hunt down dozens of majestic lions, tigers, and bears.

Still, many people attest to the contentment and companionship they get from these wild animals, at least some of which are rescued. Some owners satisfy a need to feel powerful while others parent their pets.


National Geographic created a gallery to show the good, the bad and the ugly of owning wild animals and raise awareness about the exotic pet ownership.











To view the entire gallery, click here.

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Now Attach Photos from Your Smartphone Straight into Gmail http://dashburst.com/google-plus-photos-gmail/ http://dashburst.com/google-plus-photos-gmail/#comments Wed, 16 Apr 2014 13:05:28 +0000 http://dashburst.com/?p=68338 Have you ever wanted to attach photos from your phone into an email you were composing on your desktop? Now Gmail makes this process easier than ever with its new Insert Photos button.

Gmail announced yesterday that users can now insert photos from Google+ directly into messages composed in Gmail on the Web. For users who automatically back up their photos onto Google+, this means all your phone photos are just one click away from Gmail.

screenshot of the new insert photo button in gmail

Gmail’s new Insert Photo button (as seen above) will instantly pull up your Auto Backup photos and other photos from your Google+ account, starting with the most recent. You can insert individual photos, share entire albums and even resize images while composing your email.

To take advantage of this feature you’ll have to turn on Auto Backup on your Android or iOS device so that your photos are automatically saved to Google+.

Do you use Auto Backup on your phone?

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Photos of the Day: Anamorphic Illusion http://dashburst.com/pic/anamorphic-illusion/ http://dashburst.com/pic/anamorphic-illusion/#comments Wed, 16 Apr 2014 12:25:47 +0000 http://dashburst.com/?post_type=cpt_pics&p=68340 Anamorphic Illusion is an unique 3D process that bring drawings to life. Ben Heine is talented artist and photographer from Brussels, Belgium. The concept of “Pencil Vs Camera” is a combination of drawing and photography. It is an art form seen widely today that Ben invented in 2010.

Sketch in Progress

Featured Image: Pencil vs. Camera – 73 by Ben Heine

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The “True-Man” Show: Meet the Manly Cast of the Perfect Reality TV Show http://dashburst.com/perfect-reality-tv-for-men/ http://dashburst.com/perfect-reality-tv-for-men/#comments Wed, 16 Apr 2014 01:32:35 +0000 http://dashburst.com/?p=68212 Today’s reality TV shows feature casts filled with angry housewives, bachelorettes in frilly formal dresses, and all sorts of other archetypes, stereotypes, and no-types that seem solely designed to appeal to women. Where’s the show for guys? Where’s the show filled with manly men doing masculine things in brutal, butch ways? The little problem of casting can easily be taken care of—some studio exec just needs to get these guys on board.

Eminem for Entertainment


Image via Flickr by ビッグアップジャパン

Every reality TV show needs its smack talker — someone who says things to your face instead of behind your back and always owns his opinions. In addition to being a tough guy from the streets of Detroit, Eminem is a gritty, street-wise poet who knows how to spit intelligent, on-point, socially relevant lyrics and rapier-sharp insults in the same sentence.

He’ll provide entertainment and protection, especially with his uncanny ability to sniff out BS and stand up for the underdog. Clearly, he should also come up with the theme song, which will then become an instant hit.

Bill Murray for Humor


Image via Flickr by Paul Sherwood

Even the most serious reality show needs some comic relief. However, instead of going for in-your-face try-hard comics, Bill Murray would make an excellent addition to any show. He’s as manly as they come, as proven by his turns in countless films such as Zombieland, Ghostbusters, Stripes, and Caddyshack.

He might goof off a little, but that’s part of his charm. Besides, the real Bill Murray is even better than any role he’s ever played. Don’t forget the urban legend in which he ate some guy’s fries at a fast food joint.

Shane Smith for Smarts


Image via Flickr by Heisenberg Media

Every show also needs the smart, edgy guy, the guy who makes his motivations clear and always looks for the truth in any story. Remember, nothing’s tougher than intelligence. Shane Smith would definitely make the ideal smart guy on any reality show. He’d have great, real-world stories straight from VICE, and you’d never have to worry about him doing a double-cross on the rest of the cast because the man always sticks to his guns.

Will Smith for Action

Wal-Mart Shareholders Meeting 2011

Image via Flickr by Walmart

What about the action hero? If there’s a new breed of tough, active men, then Will Smith heads the pack. Wouldn’t you love to see him back on the small screen? He’d bring a little comic relief, but ideally he’d be more Hancock than Fresh Prince. Smith is private but strong, calm in the face of tension or adversity. He’s a family man and a great friend, and he charms everyone he meets. With luck, though, he’d be able to talk Alfonso Ribeiro into making a cameo, because the world needs to see The Carlton Dance one more time.

Norman Reedus for Zombies


Image via Flickr by jareed

The Walking Dead has clearly taken the world by storm, and it’s helped bring the genre of the Zombie Apocalypse to the forefront. A truly manly reality show needs someone who’s fully equipped to deal with raging zombies, rabid fans, or the occasional house fight. Enter Normal Reedus, who perfectly fits the bill. His turn as Daryl Dixon is perhaps his biggest credential, but don’t forget that he also kicked serious butt as Murphy MacManus in The Boondock Saints.

Although he can clearly put a hurting on somebody if necessary, Reedus is also extremely laid back. He’s cool, calm, and collected under pressure. He has impeccable taste in music and he’s genuinely fun to hang out with, all of which makes him an ideal roommate. Wouldn’t you want to hang out with him for an entire season?

Samuel L. Jackson for Cool Points


Image via Flickr by Kevin Tostado

Samuel L. Jackson is the coolest man in the world, yet he’s also humble. He takes no bull from anybody and he’s not afraid to tell you what he thinks — to your face, no less. Although he’s got attitude to spare and a wonderfully sharp tongue, you know he wouldn’t instigate a lot of fights among the reality show cast — but he might join Eminem in talking some smack if necessary.

Most importantly, he won’t let anyone get away with being false or inauthentic. Wouldn’t that be a refreshing thing to see on reality TV? Are you sick of no one ever getting held accountable for their actions? Well, Samuel would certainly step up to the plate.

Ian McKellen for Class


Image via Flickr by S Pakhrin

He’s Gandalf. He’s Magneto. He’s a sir. Ian McKellen represents a different side of the manly spectrum, and it would really be a joy to see that on television. He’s brought two very beloved characters to the big screen and played them perfectly, and he carries that poise, sarcasm, and snarky appeal into his every day life as well. He’s a true gentleman, but he doesn’t put up with any petty nonsense. He’s also best friends with another truly awesome manly man.

Patrick Stewart for Ian McKellen

captain picard

Image via Flickr by Beth Madison

Can you get any manlier than Jean-Luc Picard? You can, in fact, when the man responsible for the famous captain full of finesse is also renowned for playing Professor Xavier. There are worse things than imagining two X-Men alums on the same television show. Patrick Stewart is obviously awesome in his own right, but pair him with BFF Ian McKellen, and you’ve got TV gold. Just imagine the two of them together.

Better still, Patrick is also good under pressure and exudes a suave masculine vibe that you don’t see every day. You know he can easily kick your butt if the need arises, but he’s generally more interested in using his words — and he has a fantastic, snarky vocabulary at his disposal.

Manly men and tough guys come in all shapes and sizes, spreading through different archetypes and slamming stereotypes into oblivion. If you could pick the perfect cast for a reality show based on your favorite guys in the world — famous or from right down the street — which ones would you choose?

Let us hear your picks in the comments section below!

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The Most Delicious Way to Be a Nerd: Make a Layer Cake Modeled after Jupiter [TUTORIAL] http://dashburst.com/jupiter-layer-cake/ http://dashburst.com/jupiter-layer-cake/#comments Tue, 15 Apr 2014 22:22:22 +0000 http://dashburst.com/?p=67842 Have you ever loved a planet so much you just wanted to eat it all up? Rhiannon of Cakecrumbs has. A self-taught cook and cake decorator and a planetary aficionado, Rhiannon baked the ultimate tribute to her favorite planet: a spherical cake containing concentric layers decorated and modeled after Jupiter.

She wrote on Cakecrumbs:

In the end I settled on Jupiter predominantly for one reason: its Great Red Spot. The giant anticyclonic storm has always been one of my favourite things and continues to be a subject of great fascination for me.

The cake is made up of a number of spherical layers that correspond with Jupiter’s planetary layers. For what is believed to be Jupiter‘s rock and ice core, mudcake stands in. Almond butter constitutes the next layer, which in Jupiter is believed to be liquid metallic hydrogen. Jupiter’s outer layer, believed to be of molecular hydrogen, finds its pastry equivalent in tinted vanilla Madeira sponge cake coated by crumb vanilla buttercream. After baking these spheres together Rhiannon spent eight hours painting the red and white storms across the surface of Jupiter onto the outside of the cake using ivory marshmallow fondant and a combination of ivory, brown and maroon edible ink and “teeny tiny brushes.”

Now I’m really craving cake.

layered jupiter cake aerial view

layered jupiter cake closeup
Interested in making your own planetary layer cake? Here’s Rhiannon’s tutorial:

via FlowingData

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All 5 Boston Sports Teams Tweeted Together To Commemorate The Boston Marathon Bombing http://dashburst.com/boston-teams-tweet-support-boston-marathon-bombing/ http://dashburst.com/boston-teams-tweet-support-boston-marathon-bombing/#comments Tue, 15 Apr 2014 19:02:30 +0000 http://dashburst.com/?p=68298 Today marks the one year anniversary of the tragic Boston Marathon bombing that killed three and injured 264 runners and spectators. To honor the victims, survivors, and heroes, all five of the region’s professional sports teams tweeted the same exact tweet, at the same exact time. At 10:00 am, the Red Sox, Celtics, Bruins, Patriots and Revolution (New England’s professional soccer team) posted the same image with the same caption. The image features the hashtag #BostonStrong, the blue-and-yellow Boston Strong ribbon and all the team logos. The tweets read, “We’re all on the same team. #BostonStrong.” The teams themselves took the initiative to organize the joint Twitter tribute. They hoped to show their appreciation and support for the city that always supports them.

Via Mashable

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